Trip to NYC

It’s official. I’m heading back to my city; the place where I first stepped out on my own as a shiny, naive eighteen-year-old. My entire high school career had been dedicated to pushing myself beyond the limits of what should be possible for a teenage girl in order to land myself a position at New York University: the violet school of my dreams. When I recieved “the big envelope” from NYU, the world opened up to me. I was headed, sight-unseen, to the most amazing place on earth. And I had made it happen for myself. When I stepped off that plane and onto the ground in Manhattan, I truly felt it for the first time: all of my hard work, sleepless nights, lack of any semblance of a social life, everything had been worth it. During my year living in New York, I made more memories than I ever could have hoped. My decision to leave after my freshman year (and everything that went into that choice) has brought me more regret than I ever could have anticipated. And that is why, four years and an undergrad degree later, I have decided to do everything in my power to go back. I am officially applying to return to NYU in the Fall of 2016 to obtain my Masters Degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Cultural Reporting and Criticism. Ever since I admitted to myself, my family, and my friends that this is what I want in life, I have regained that original pre-New York excitement that I remember from all those years ago. I am taking ownership of my life. I am doing this for myself. And it is going to be so worth it. A year seems a lifetime away when you are waiting for the next chapter of your life to start, or in my case, pick up where you left off. And that is why, with the help and hospitality of some of the beautiful people I have been fortunate enough to come to know during my NYU adventures, I will be taking a week in October to go back. I want to experience it all over again with my new found appreciation for life, and for myself. I am hoping against hope that The City is every bit as glorious and inspiring as I remember it to be. Because in my head, New York is it. I made my shaky start to adult life there, and I can’t think of a better place to regain my footing. My magical place. The key to the amazing, fulfilling life that I want to give myself.

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